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Contractor Qualifications & Certifications

SiteConnect’s Pre-Qualification feature tells you in real-time what your contractor companies and their employees are qualified and certified for. Know who is qualified to be on your sites and who is not.

Contractors Upload Documents

Each contractor is responsible for uploading all certifications, insurances and related Health & Safety documents into SiteConnect before arriving on site. Once it’s uploaded, you or your admin can rate the documents and set expiry dates so you’ll know when a document is about to expire and needs updating.

Pre-Qualification Process

Download the Contractor Pre-Qualification PDF for more information on how SiteConnect can reduce double handling, increase engagement, and save you money.


Contractor Web Portal Access

SiteConnect Contractor Web Portal Access lets contractors access the administrative web portal to keep their documentation up to date. Keeping information current is no longer a barrier since all contractors have free access.

Free Contractor User Access

SiteConnect automatically invites contractors to upload Health & Safety documentation, industry certifications and training competency documents that will lead to a deeper knowledge and comfort that workers are qualified to be on-site. 


Training & Qualification Register

Keep all of your training and qualification information digitally in one place. 

Full Visibility of Training & Qualification

Gain full visibility over the training and qualifications your employees and contractors’ employees need to carry out work on your sites by regaining control of your on-site compliance.

Management of Sites

Keep track of the expiration dates of your contractors’ paperwork and manage the sites they can access. Using our Total Site Messaging feature, you can send messages directly to individuals, site users or groups of people. 


Insurances & Certifications

Set Expiry Dates

SiteConnect lets you keep track of your contractor’s insurance and certifications. Make sure you and your contractors know when documents are due to expire.

Keep Documents Current

SiteConnect automatically reminds contractors to keep expired documents current. Your administrators get notified when documents expire.